CCRF: Shared FACS Facility

  • The Flow Cytometry Analysis and Sorting Facility provides support for faculty, staff, resident and student research at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Currently the facility houses an analytical flow cytometer, a cell sorter and four work stations for analysis. Further description of individual instruments can be found under the instruments link.
  • Flow cytometry is a laser based technique with uses across multiple specialties. Cells in suspension can be made to flow at high speed by a technique called ‘hydrodynamic focusing’ following which they are interrogated by the various lasers. Fluorescently labeled antibodies, probes or particular dyes can be utilized to evaluate various aspects of cellular function as well as biochemical and physical properties of the cell. This is done by a combination of lasers, optical filters, detectors as well as the computer and the software which convert the data into readable form. The software also provides the interface to communicate with the machine.
  • Our facility can be utilized for analyzing and sorting various types of cells including primary human, murine, rabbit cells as well as cell lines. In addition to providing access to the facility, we also provide basic technical support to assist in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation. For further information, check out the useful resources section.