Flowcytometry Basics

  • Cytometry refers to the measurement of physical/chemical characteristics of cells or other biological particles.
  • Flow Cytometry is the process whereby such measurements are made upon cells/particles as they pass through a measuring apparatus (hopefully in single file) suspended in a fluid stream.
  • Flow Sorting (Flow Cytometric Cell Sorting) extends flow cytometry with the additional capacity to divert and collect cells exhibiting an identifiable set of characteristics either mechanically or by electrical means (Flow Cytometric Analysis)
  • Flow Cytometry simultaneously measures multiple parameters of single cells at a rapid rate viz.
    • Relative Size : FSC
    • Relative Granularity or Internal Complexity : SSC
    • Relative Fluorescence Intensity : FL1, FL2, FL3 ...
  • Permits the detailed analysis of markers of cellular differentiation
  • Permits the simultaneous evaluation of cell phenotype and function
  • Permits cell sorting.