Welcome To LASER Confocal Microscopy Facility with Live-cell Imaging


A picture is worth a thousand words and hence ‘Imaging’ is an essential component of most research and reporting using tissues and cells. The morphology of cells and tissues vary with different physiological and pathological states. This can be observed with different methods of staining or labelling with fluorophore labelled anti-bodies that can localize to regions of interest. But cells are much larger than the organelle and tubules contained within themselves. Therefore, it becomes essential to draw extremely thin sections as is done for transmission electron microscopy. This can be done effectively by optical sectioning using confocal imaging technology. Today it is even possible to reconstruct stacks of confocal images into a three-dimensional model that provides more information that can be analysed with relevance to the condition of the cells and their organelles etc. than a two-dimensional picture.Hence, at the Core Research Facility at AIIMS, where cutting edge research technology would be used to answer relevant questions regarding the health of the Indian population we have an imaging platform that provides various imaging methods such as single photon/multiphoton fluorescence or imaging with UV lasers in simultaneous or sequential mode with a possibility to image live cells with and without labeling (by Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering that visualizes vibrational contrast between different molecules in the cells).